Ali Shrago-Spechler
Class of 2016
Hollywood, Florida New York, NY

After receiving her BFA in Painting and Art History from Pratt Institute in 2011, Spechler and her brother, artist/curator Zack Shrago Spechler, founded the Bedlam Lorenz Assembly, Young At Art Museum's contemporary arts and alternative projects collective created to further the development of art and culture in South Florida. Spechler has exhibited in New York, Israel, England, and throughout Florida including the Girls Club Collection, the Hollywood Art and Culture Center, and a permanent installation at Young At Art Museum. She is currently a candidate to receive her Masters of Fine Arts from the School of Visual Arts of New York City in 2016.

<p>Ali Shrago-Spechler is an interdisciplinary artist exploring how the invention of tradition and ritual forms a collective, and ultimately conflicted, narrative. Through painting, performance, and installation, she references the stories and educational toys from her Jewish-American upbringing to understand the strength and effect of tradition.&nbsp;</p>
Ali Shrago-Spechler, class of 2016

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