Denise Treizman
Class of 2013
Carpet Arrangement #4, 2012, carpet, tape, spray paint
Carpet Arrangement #4,
2012, carpet, tape, spray paint
Santiago, Chile New York, New York
<p>My work develops between the public sphere of the street and the intimacy of my studio. It is initiated by chance encounters with ready-made objects and leftovers I find on the sidewalks of New York. I harmoniously merge these seemingly unrelated materials into a language of mark–making and gesture. My creations can mutate, expand and contract extemporaneously and endlessly.</p><p>Examining this limitless quality constitutes a playful, improvised and relevant process. Boundaries between street and studio are blurred, while materials are transformed and yet resist a complete conversion into a specific medium. Ultimately I use what is most readily available to observe how modern consumerist behavior visually alters our cityscape.</p>
Denise Treizman, class of 2013

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