Hyunwook Seo
Class of 2016
South Korea Fort Lee, NJ

WOOK was born in South Korea. He earned both BFA and MFA degrees in metalsmithing at Seoul NationalUniversity.

<p>&quot;Fantasy&quot;, &quot;reality&quot;, and &quot;intellection&quot; are the key-words of my art works. I have an interest in principles that are the constants in our experience of the world. However, since everyone believes in certain principles, sometimes we need to see with different perspectives, so that we can have an opportunity to question our constant. Fantasy is not just an absurd concept but is an effective tool to find other characteristics of these, constants. And an object can be a really good guide into intellection space, where it is possible to think without the limitation of media.</p>
Hyunwook Seo, class of 2016

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