Ivoire Foreman
Class of 2017
Earth, Sol, Milky Way, Local group and Virgo cluster, Laniakea, Universe Brooklyn, NY

Gender Queer- they them pronoun preference. I was born in a space and have lived in many other places. Artistically pollinating, biking for revolution. I spent the last decade roasting epic coffee for an awesome organization living somebody else's dream. Presently being brave, doing me and holding fast.

<p>Looking into the artistic landscape I rarely see examples of work that reflects me and my communities. Through my art&nbsp;I&rsquo;m striving to weave the stories of the multiple marginalized communities and body identities I inhabit into the broader story of our culture. We are missing. My story is not reflected- the story of a forever kid, a person of color, a radical queer growing up in poverty, coming of age&nbsp;hand-in-hand with the rise of computers, a product of the&nbsp;80&#39;s, 90&#39;s, now.</p>
Ivoire Foreman, class of 2017

MFA Fine Arts
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New York, NY 10021
8th & 9th floors
Tel: (212) 592-2500
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