Emily Langmade
Class of 2013
Hair 2012, strands of hair on wall, dimensions variable
2012, strands of hair on wall, dimensions variable
<p>When I was little I used to think about the 'voice' my brain has, and wonder about other people's mental voices. I used to wonder if other people thought in words or sentences; did they think in the language they spoke? Or did they think in images? Would I need a translator to understand someone's thoughts if we didn't speak the same language? I used to try to catch a thought before I could turn it into words, which has proved almost impossible; by the time it's realized, there are words or images associated with it. I capture and share snippets of my own pure thoughts.<p>While this idea of sharing experiences and thoughts is the overarching theme of my work, I have many motives for making individual pieces: from experimentation with materials, to commenting on an experience, to illustrating a reaction or making a statement. Everything I make has its roots in my own experience and usually I deal with one theme at a time. This simple structure can speak directly to a viewer and often resonate profoundly at an honest and intimate level.
Emily Langmade, class of 2013