Miryana Todorova
Class of 2012
Movables 2011, movable objects and single-channel HD video
2011, movable objects and single-channel HD video
<p>I question the politics of public space and how people occupy it. I want to expand the boundaries of personal space. I create my version of movable architecture based on the principles of expansion and contraction. I experiment with situations involving the body's articulation in space, heightening a collective awareness of the lived and shared public. The actions performed in the studio or out on the street encompass not only absurdity, failure, and collapse but also negotiation, affect, and utopia.</p><p>The catalyst for each piece is the performative instability which becomes a device to revolutionize the way we move in space. Spatial archetypes change. Occupation and interruption set up new possibilities to 'inhabit'. Actions are open to improvisation, reconstruction, and entropy. Always in motion, bodies and objects stay in a fluid state of change and potentiality: people get together or collide, accidents happen but what remains present is the exhilarating air of risk and uncertainty.</p>
Miryana Todorova, class of 2012