Billy Ogawa
Untitled graphite on print from a book, 5" x 3"
graphite on print from a book, 5" x 3"
Troy, Michigan New York, New York

Persecution by the religious, or the powerful, or the political, or the moneyed. Desperation to maintain control through manipulation of those dreams of death. Hell. Bombings. Beheadings. Acid attacks. There's the 15 year old girl in Pakistan that's been shot in the head. What does that mean? How does that shape one's notions of humanity?

With current propulsion technology, it'd take about 40 thousand years to go a single light year. And the nearest star is 4 light years away. To get to the edge of the Milky Way galaxy would take about 14.6 billion years. That's the current age of the universe. And then there's all that dead space in between the galaxies. A hundred thousand light years of dust.

Alien life is absolutely out there, somewhere. But it's so far away, we'll never engage with it. Even if we're not alone in the universe, we are truly alone in the universe.

How does all this affect all that?

Billy Ogawa, class of 2013

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