Marvin Touré
Class of 2016
Takoma Park, Maryland New York, NY

Marvin Touré is an Ivorian American artist born in Takoma Park, Maryland during the summer of 1991. Although he was born in Maryland he spent most of his formative years in Atlanta, Georgia. Marvin's parents are both West African immigrants from the Ivory Coast (Côte d'Ivoire), and he references this in his work. He pulls from this heritage and his urban southern upbringing as inspiration for his work. In 2014 he received his BA in New Media arts with a minor in Architecture from Southern Polytechnic State University located in Marietta, Georgia.

<p>My work, introspective in nature, juxtaposes specific aspects of both West African and Black American cultures in order to view each from a different perspective. I examine common threads in the multifaceted nature of &quot;Blackness.&quot; Blackness as material, I think of my process as a study in this materiality, altering the intrinsic properties found.</p>
Marvin Touré, class of 2016

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