Keith Hoffman
Class of 2013
Lines of Flight and Navigation (Before Destruction) 2012, digital print on watercolor paper, 13" x 19"
Lines of Flight and Navigation (Before Destruction)
2012, digital print on watercolor paper, 13" x 19"
Chicago, Illinois New York, New York
My visual artwork, with primarily sculptural intentions, is born out of the desire to push limitations of materials and systematic arrangements. The act of making and the subject of the making are alternate offerings to established orders. My work seeks to transform materiality and thought simultaneously, in ways not imaginable within current systems. The investigation into process and non-traditional materials enable reconstructions of normative sequences of art making, wherein the points of conception and finish are obliterated by continually folding in on themselves. The philosophical idea(s) for the work is actualized in three ways: diagrammatic drawings, reconstructed sculpture and painting-based installations. The form of the outcome is directed by intuitive process, chance and continually shifting perception. I navigate through an installation as a line through the drawing-witnessing, mimicking, challenging, striving, fighting, flying, infinite. The structures within the work are assemblages of multiple lines of flight, clustered biomorphic forms and wandering repetitions of pattern. The narrative elements emerge alongside the making process. As the creation morphs and becomes, time folds into the pieces and the form responds. Nothing is free of inclusion.
Keith Hoffman, class of 2013

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