Cognitive Dissidence

Thursday, May 11 through Saturday, May 27th, 2017. Open hours Wed-Sun, 12-7pm.
MFA Thesis Exhibition
Curated by Dan Cameron
The complexity of our present day has resulted in an outbreak of collective stress that is attributed to cognitive dissonance — the sheer effort required to maintain two opposed perspectives in one’s mind simultaneously, or to maintain a fixed set of beliefs in the face of contradictory facts. In less than a year, the world has been introduced to both the concept of ‘fake news’ — i.e., erroneous or misleading stories generated to mislead and confuse anyone who is exposed to them —, and to the parallel phenomenon of the makers of fake news claiming that any effort to expose them represents the ‘real’ fake news.  The artists in this exhibition offer a species of principled opposition to this environment of deflection and post-truth, and reaffirm by way of their works that the core meanings and values of art are, by definition, neither fake nor ‘fake.’ Working across a diverse cross-section of media and styles, these artists taken as a group emphatically assert that genuine cultural significance and social interchange can be achieved through cultural expression. Dissidents exposed in the act of refusing to succumb to cynicism or despair, each participating artist articulates the possibility of hope distilled through the age-old tools of gesture, form, color and sign. 

Ray Smith Studio
261 Bond Street
Brooklyn, NY 11217

Photos by JSP Photography

Michelle Holman, Andrew Jilka, and Scott Ferguson, class of 2017




Jeff Tan Chang Shen, class of 2017


Andrew Jilka, Isabel Gutierrez, Brittany Cassell, Prang Vejjajiva, and Camille Lee, class of 2017


Alanoud Ahmed, class of 2017


Alanoud Ahmed, class of 2017


Kyung Tae Kim, class of 2017


HyunSoo Lee, class of 2017


HyunSoo Lee, class of 2017


Ivoire Foreman, class of 2017


Ivoire Foreman, class of 2017


Aya Rodriguez-Izumi,  class of 2017


Jon Gomez, class of 2017


Caroline Villard, class of 2017

Marcela Casals, class of 2017


Zoë Frederick, class of 2017


Isabel Gutierrez and Brittany Cassell, class of 2017


Alexandra Wisniewski, class of 2017


Mengtai Zhang, class of 2017


Cela Luz, Hye Soo Kim, and Avner Chaim, class of 2017


Alex Jabre, class of 2017


Jeff Tan Chang Shen, Brittany Cassell, Sadie Starnes, Avner Chaim, and Caroline Villard, class of 2017