Please Don't Come to This Show

Saturday, May 2, 2020 through ?
A series of student curated online exhibitions made for social distancing
Curated by Elise Warfield and Daniel Almeida
In a dream our minds digest information. Unusually elongated walls or a missmatching face raise our skepticism and soon we realize we are dwelling in our subconscious. The deception of the uncanny makes us question if something is real, prompting most to wake up. Be it Monday or Saturday we are sleepwalking on our wildest slumber. The classical question puzzles us: are dreams experiences? The state of hyper-awareness created by the current global crisis has led to more vivid dreams and nightmares over the past months. Dream Survey, the second iteration of please don’t come to this show, presents the work of poet Itzel Basualdo and current SVA MFA Fine Arts students and alumni, Maximilian Juliá, Ji Min Hwang, Tong Wang, and Zhishu Xie. For this show we have brought a group of artists together that either works with dreams as material or whose material has the mystic symbology of a dream. Unusual light, apparitions and visions appear throughout the work of Ji Min Hwang, Maximilian Julia and Itzel Basualdo while Tong Wang and Zhishu Xie transport us to a seductively hallucinatory place. These artists share the oneiric quality of traversing a limbo between dimensions of the social, the intimate, and the cultural. Their work makes us question what is factual in the same way that a dream does. The virtual installation recalls an exploratory video game set in a bedroom, allowing us to travel from the familiar to the fantastic and back again as the distinction between reality and fantasy fades.
Curators Daniel Almedia and Elise Warfield will be releasing a new show that pairs a group of participating artists with similar interests together monthly. The shows are hosted on Each part of the series creates a dialog around the idea of online presence, digital gatherings and our relation to information. Please join our Dream Survey with a Zoom opening on Saturday, May 23rd at 11 am EST so that we can come together and celebrate art from a distance.
Keep dreaming and please don’t come to this show.
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The strange new reality of social distancing has heightened awareness of previously existing borders. I’m not afraid of dying but I’m afraid of being alone, the first iteration of Please Don’t Come to This Show, presents the work of MFA Fine Arts students and alumni Sohee Kim, Dulce Lamarca, XiangLong Li, Michelle Sumaray, Keno Tung and Blanche Yizhe Huang. Their work represents these borders and methods of coping with or protection from an upended world. Whether these boundaries are the distinction between home and the outside, interior and exterior, the limitations of understanding inherent to language, or the line demarcated where two colors meet, borders are present throughout the work. However, this work also presents tactics for managing the burden of these lonesome and uncertain times: absurdity, dreaming, longing, performing alternate personas for self protection, and digital communication to ward off isolation.