Caroline Villard
Class of 2017
Stockholm, Sweden New York, NY
I was born in Stockholm, and wanted to be Walt Disney when I grew up. I attended Beckman’s College of Art and Design and have since worked in northern Italy, Hong Kong, London and New York.
My work, which has been sold at Colette, in Paris and Stockholm’s National Museum among others, sits between art and design. It includes a bed, based on a dream about falling asleep in a lump of dough; an umbrella based on a hunting rifle; a line of kitchen products developed for small apartments; and jewelry, including a necklace which replaces pearls with tiny porcelain teeth.
<div>I began my career as a product designer, in Sweden, but quickly found that the things I enjoyed the most about creating objects was the incentive behind them.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>Since childhood I have been inspired by trapdoors and hidden doors. They have an obvious physical function, open and close, but hidden they reach beyond their physical form representing something more, magical or unknown. I am intrigued by those short-circuit moments where function and intent collide. A sort of uncomfortable harmony of joy and fear, invigorating and soothing at the same time.</div> <div>&nbsp;</div> <div>My recent projects focus on this within the veneer of civilization.</div>
Caroline Villard, class of 2017

Class of 2020

Latonia Allen
Phoenix, AZ
Brooklyn, NY

Originally from Phoenix, Arizona, I moved to Houston, TX in January 2012 to pursue my dream of being an artist. I attended the John Biggers School of Art at Texas Southern University, under the teachings of Dr. Alvia Wardlaw, Robert Pruitt, Leamon Green and others alike. After graduating in 2015, I worked for various small businesses before becoming an independent artist and created my own design company named, Allen Illustrations in 2017. I accredit my independence to allowing me to grow and develop as both an individual and an artist in enormous ways.

My life started when I realized art was neither a hobby or a passion, but was who I am. Once the consciousness of the innate need to create and simply BE an artist was fully accepted within myself, I began evolving in a completely contradistinctive way. I often find myself exploring new topics that stem from the experiences and struggles of identity. I am an African-American woman artist and while this is a fact, I, intently rebuke labels. I am cognizant of the conversations surrounding contemporary black art/artists but I find myself constantly searching for my own voice within these conversations while challenging the systemic 'boundaries' of what we’re told beauty and blackness are. I never know what I will create next, however, I know as long as I stay honest with myself and remain engrossed in my truth, the art will form. Each piece lives individually on its own and is meant to represent a particular time in my journey. I create because I have to, I want to and because I love to.
Daniel Arturo Almeida
Caracas, Venezuela
Queens, NY
Chun Chieh Chang
Taipei, Taiwan
New York, NY

I have a hearing disability and am possibly the first deaf student from Taiwan to pursue a MFA in Fine Arts abroad.

I am influenced by the art, culture and attention to detail of street fashion and incomplete style. I like the simplicity and pureness of certain materials that will change in color and status over time, and I use them in my art. I believe elements of traditional Chinese characters, Zhuyin (Mandarin Phonetic Symbols), and personal aesthetic experiences will inspire new works. I hope to take this opportunity to experiment and create better textures and atmospheres.

Andrea Crapanzano
Belluno, Italy
Brooklyn, NY
Andrea has a BFA in Fine Arts and a MFA in Visual Arts from Academy of Fine Arts of Brera in Milan.
My work as an artist focuses on social and geopolitical tensions and on the deeply contradictory character of how we live, trying to capture the state of anxiety and nostalgia that characterizes our own time.
Maria Duran Sampedro
Bogota, Colombia
Brooklyn, NY

A play of harmonized contradictions follows Maria Duran's work into stories of familiar disconnection and and vaporous feeling. She has a BFA in Communication Design from the Pratt Institute in Brooklyn, NY with a focus in illustration, however her inclination towards sinuous expression instead of the blunt and glaring has led her to experiment with line-weight, planes and textures. She extends moving stillness throughout her pieces, all rooted in the pursuit to decode man's strangeness and collective nuances of feeling. Mental disorders, magic realism, a curiosity for melancholy, and her own grasp of living fuel the expansion of her psychological and visual language. Meshes of painting, digital crafting, sculpture, projections, and photography become an avid exploration of visual mediums, in the pursuit of decoding the human heart in conflict with itself. 

Jason Elizondo
Columbus, Ohio
Brooklyn, NY
Jason Elizondo is a multi-disciplinary artist whose work seduces viewers into visceral confrontations with the queer body. They have a BFA in Fine Arts from The Columbus College of Art & Design. Their work has been featured in exhibitions including: Crashing the Party in  Long Island City, NY, The Unspeakable: A Dark Show in Brooklyn, New York, and a solo exhibition preMATURE in Columbus, OH. They recently curated Talented, Brilliant, Incredible, Amazing, Showstopping, Spectacular, Never The Same, Totally Unique, Completely Not Ever Been Done Before, Unafraid To Reference Or Not Reference, Put It In A Blender, Shit On It, Vomit On It, Eat It, Give Birth To It in New York, NY. Elizondo was a resident artist at The New York Studio Residency Program, a recipient of the Jeff F Hilson Memorial Fund and Edith Smilack scholarships for academic achievement, and The Association of Independent Colleges and Universities of Ohio 2018 nominee. Their work has been published in Hiss Mag’s “Issue 3,” POPULUV's “Meet Jason Elizondo, Ohio’s Most-Talked-About Student Artist,” and Outlook Ohio Magazine's “My Art Could Mean Anything.”  They currently live and work in New York where they are pursuing an MFA in Fine Arts at The School of Visual Arts.
My work is a celebration of fem queer experiences. 
An invitation to motifs from drag and club kid culture, pop culture icons and personal iconographies— all that represent my adolescence. 
A simultaneous drive to be anonymous and visible that relates to the queer idea of performativity, whereby we become our most authentic selves by taking on roles and characters. 
A deployment of the pop symbols is actually a deployment of the self. 
Using video, photography, sculpture, and performance, I manifest fem queer overtones through candy-coded colors, fabrics, and textures: shades of pink, vinyl, chiffon, tulle, and satin. My self-portraits act as a political memoir, seducing the viewer into visceral confrontations with the queer body. By paying homage to my queer influences, I reclaim a fem identity that I was deprived of in a traditional male constructed childhood. 
Becca Guzzo
Nutley, NJ
Manhattan, NY
Becca is a visual artist working in a multitude of mediums. She received her BFA from the University of Delaware. She loves traveling, plants, animals and vibrant colors.
Yawen E. Huang
Zhuhai, Guangdong, China
Brooklyn, NY

Yawen holds a BFA from the College of Design, Architecture, Art and Planning, University of Cincinnati. Her work focuses on objects that connect to people’s everyday lives. 

JYoon Hurr
Seoul, South Korea
Long Island City, NY
JYoon has a BFA in Fine Arts with a focus in painting from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign in Illinois, and an MFA in Sculpture from the Seoul National University in Seoul, South Korea. She is an abstract sculptor and painter. 

Painting and sculpting have became a way for me to deal with new environments. I relieve my solitude by collecting bits of stuff and making collages to ground myself within foreign worlds that I have inhabited, developing a deep kinship with materials along the way. My interest in color and materials began with noticing unfamiliar things everywhere and how they differed from what I had seen and experienced growing up in Korea. Even a simple cookie box, its shape and colors, fascinated me. In retrospect, I can see that my current work - my preoccupation with color, materials, and abstraction - began there.

Jee Youn Hwang
Seoul, South korea
New York, NY
Kunjin Jiang
Chengdu Sichuan, China

Kunjin has a BFA in Drawing & Painting (Integrated Art) from Sichuan Fine Arts Institute and was a student curator from 2016 to 2017 in Chongqing. She loves traveling and exploring new things. She likes spending time noticing subtle or sensitive things in life and presenting them in videos or installations.

Kunjin’s work extends into research on the subject of “the Society of Spectacle” and looks for human originality and inborn sensitivity. She use videos, installations and performance combined with different surroundings to make an exploration of the significance of contemporary people’s existence in the spectacle of life.
Maximilian Julia
San Juan, Puerto Rico
New York, NY
Jay (Jae Won) Jung
Seoul, South Korea
Manhattan, NY

Jay (Jae Won) Jung is an artist with a Bachelor of Law degree from Yonsei University, Seoul, S.Korea. After receiving her degree, she moved to New York City to begin her art career and to explores the emotional and philosophical tensions of abstract painting, installation and experimental filmmaking. Her years of experience and diverse career background have influenced her deep engagement with time and memories, human psychology, existentialism.

Dulce Lamarca
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Chelsea, NY
Sarah Malekzadeh
Niagara Falls, NY
Manhattan, NY

Sarah has a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University in Toronto, and has also studied at Ryerson University and McGill. Sarah is a painter whose work often references her mixed Iranian, Canadian and American background. In the summer of 2018 Sarah opened Seven Gardens artist residency in Kerman, Iran, which focuses on Persian food and handicraft.

Michael Marrella
Colts Neck, NJ
Brooklyn, NY
Jimmy Mezei
London, ON Canada
Brooklyn, NY

Jimmy is a multi-disciplinary artist with a BDES majoring in illustration from OCAD in Toronto. He moved to New York City in 2014 and worked as a graphic designer before deciding to pursue an MFA.

Jimmy uses his background in drawing as a foundation for his entire practice. With a wide range of influences, he employs traditional mediums to create observational studies of everyday moments, as well as abstract compositions that are about discovery within the process. He uses these disparate methods to create images and environments that take joy in the act of making.

Marcelina Pater
Krakow, Poland
Manhattan, NY

Some of my works embrace an architectural and a quasi-geometric character to accomplish individual, immaculate composition; others maintain my interest in abstract and relief forms.

Jennifer Rappaport
Salem, Virginia
New York, New York
Jennifer holds a BFA in Illustration from the Rhode Island School of Design. Her artwork is constant research on the understanding of people and places in all formats.
Tarah Rhoda
Memphis, TN
Brooklyn, NY

Tarah Rhoda received her BFA (2005) from SVA, where she runs the Bio Art Lab, a facility that enables artists working with biotechnology and the natural sciences. She has been featured discussing art and science on CBSNews, CUNY TV, Expresso Futuro and has recently exhibited her work locally in NYC, at the Science Gallery in Detroit, the Biennial of the Americas in Denver, Netherlands, Portugal and Berlin.

Through investigations of the body as a miniature world, her work yanks at the scale of self in nature’s reflection. She often harnesses biological synchronicities in order to calibrate the body’s array of landscapes, weather patterns and systems of self maintenance that produce a spectrum of artifacts. Literally ‘mining’ herself as an archeological site, she adapts such extractions into poetic reflections and devices, often utilizing laboratory protocols to set the stage. 

Carlos Rosales-Silva
El Paso, Texas
New York, NY

Carlos Rosales-Silva was born in El Paso, Texas and has lived throughout Texas. He graduated from the University of Texas at Austin but considers oral histories from Mexican and Indigenous peoples, post-colonial historical texts, and spaces that are safe and inclusive for people of color the foundation and central cosmology of his work. His most recent output reclaims the colors and forms that have long been (ab)used to create oppressive stereotypes of Mexican and Indigenous peoples. Draining direct references, symbols, and figures allow him to study the color and form of his identity while withholding easily exploitable imagery. Rosales-Silva’s central intellectual and artistic project is de-centering his white, hetero, Euro-centric western education. He has exhibited throughout Texas, and in Los Angeles, Miami, Minneapolis, Chicago, Kansas City, and Brooklyn and was most recently an artist in residence at Artpace in San Antonio, Texas and at Pioneer Works in Brooklyn, NY. 

Carra Seals
Cincinnati, OH
Manhattan, NY

I graduated from the Art Academy of Cincinnati with my BFA (major: drawing) in 2016. I am a sculptor and installation artist.

Mengxia Shi
Taiyuan, China
Long Island City, New York

Mengxia has BA in Oil Painting from the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art and she has explored other media such as video, sculpture, installation, and performance to express her ideas.

Mengxia makes art inspired by her everyday lived experience and concern for social issues, specifically, women's rights in China which have been affected by poor access to education, and sexual and physical abuse. She is also pays close attention to human individuality and the body, both of which are themes in her work. 

Amanda Smith
Pukekohe, Aotearoa/New Zealand
When I was 18 months old, I was diagnosed with strabismus and amblyopia, major sight disorders. Once my little self was finally given glasses, colours, textures and shapes suddenly exploded! I still feel that joy in seeing through the odd landscape of my slightly hopeless eyes. But now I’m learning to celebrate the blur, eschewing a lifetime of embarrassment, as I realize I have a unique perspective.
My current work is an exploration of identity. I’m compelled to examine who I am at this point of my life.. My daily practice is a visual diary – people, things, emotions that exhaust me.  Other work is more narrative and autobiographical.
I often paint and draw ‘blind’ (without glasses) to be guided by shape and feel and impression. It’s important at this moment of my life to relinquish control, to totter on the edge and back again.
Making my living as a florist widened my sense of depth and appreciation of temporary beauty, like the ever-changing inspiration and stimulation that is New York. 
Linda Streicher
Glen Rock, NJ
Medham, NJ
Keno Tung
Taipei, Taiwan
Brooklyn, NY
Keno has a BFA in Motion Pictures from the National Taiwan University of Art. In the past, she devoted herself to filmmaking and studio recording. Now she focuses on making live performance art about the value of human life and spiritual topics using integrated art materials.
Lynn Wang
Long Island City, New York

Wang recieved her BFA from the China Central Academy of Fine Arts in Beijing in 2016.

Tao Wei
Shanxi, China
New York City, New York
YiJun Esther Xu
Shanghai, China
Manhattan, NY
Esther has a BFA in oil painting from the China Academy of Art and in the past has made paintings and illustrations with handmade materials. She is interested in BioArt and Physics.
Esther is an environmentalist. She would like to study different kinds of creatures and science fiction. Her works are based on the language of painting and she creates metaphors combining physical elements and social topics. She wants audiences to experience her interactive projects in public spaces.