Michelle Sumaray
Class of 2016
Texas City, Texas Hoboken, NJ
Michelle Sumaray, class of 2016

Class of 2019

Ferguson Amo
Ghana, Koforidua
New York, NY

Born in Ghana in 1993 moved to Philadelphia, USA at the age of 12. I have a B.S in Accounting, and Digital Art from Manhattan College, 2016. Former Division 1 Track and field Athlete. I’ve always had passion for Art, Music and Sports. I really enjoy cooking.  All these are like therapy to me.


 It’s all made with Fine point pen. The scribbles satisfy the mind and the shades satisfy the eyes. Scribbling layers on top of layers of shades, to present an alternate reality, the illusion of realism on canvas filtered so that it expresses my unique vision.  The goal of each drawing is not to reproduce what I see but also to create the illusion of depth and sense of presence not found in photography. In my drawings the subject matter is means to explore my ability to communicate something unique to the viewer.


Eliza Boyer
Chatham, NJ
New York, NY

Somewhere between subway rat and space queen.



Juan Leonardo Bravo
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY

Juan Leonardo Bravo is a Multi-Media artist. He attended the High School of Art and Design, and Parsons The New School for Design.


My oil paintings and videos capture “The Rise To The Top”  in power, success and dominance over one's field. In order to communicate my message I use references found in popular culture. Many hip-hop artist and athletes have managed to climb to the TOP by constantly asserting themselves through words and symbols.These reference primarily include lyrics found in rap songs but often include other content such as text from world literature and images from athletes etc. Aesthetics that reference graphic design and commercial art are incorporated into my work, magnifying today’s visual codes. 


Min Ding
Shandong, China
New York, NY
Latefy Dolley
Memphis, TN
Sadia Fakih
Antigonish, Nova Scotia
Brooklyn, NY

In my paintings, I manipulate traditional patterning to reveal the interstitial, liminal and in-between spaces that open up when imposed identities collide.

Michelle Girardello
Sherman, CT
Michelle Girardello was born in 1984; she received her BFA in Studio Art with a Concentration in Photography from Florida Atlantic University in 2008.  From 2010-2017, Michelle was the Director of the Creative Photography program at a competitive arts high school in Miami, Florida.  

Our memories play a vital role in how we connect to the world.  We tend to remember fragments of events and these fragments come together to form an interpretation of these experiences. I am attracted to how memories are made; I want to understand how they connect with our actual experiences, and the role that imagination has in their creation.  Just like the construction of memory, my work makes connections between multiple layers to form the overall imagery.  Working with a variety of media allows me to work in the appropriate medium for that memory or piece.  

Jihyun Han
Seoul, South Korea
New York, NY
Pei-ling Ho
Taipei, Taiwan
New York, NY

For me, art is the only common language of the humanity. I have travelled to thirteen countries. My traveler’s experience draws me to ponder deeply about the quality and awareness of “being human” across cultural and geographical boundaries. I aim to make art that helps people make connections by “sharing their emotional bitterness.” Majoring in advertising in college, I extended my study of consumer behavior to examine a variety of issues of human behaviors and social phenomena from an objective position. The themes of my artistic creation have undergone several changes, beginning with an exploration of myself to the issues of family and gender.


For the family issues, I am very intrigued by the possibility of expressing the “forbidden” emotions, such as anger and depression, in a family. Unlike the “normal” familial themes of order, respect, and dignity, for me, the forbidden emotions are the unspeakable undertone of everyday family life. Gender is another major theme of my artworks that is so closely intertwined with the issues of primitive desire, sex, love, and marriage. I bravely embrace all the emotions and pain that occur to me as a woman and take them as the nutrition of my artistic creation. Focusing on mixed media, such as photography, video, collage and performing art.

Markus Holtby
Toronto, Canada
New York, NY
Bayin Jiang
Beijing, China
Jersey City, NJ
Owen Keogh
New York, NY
Brooklyn, NY

Owen was born in New York City and raised in New Jersey. He received his B.A. in Studio Art and English Literature from Colgate University in Hamilton, New York. 


Owen is an interdisciplinary artist working with photography, sculpture, book-making, and digital media. 

Hera HaeSoo Kim
Seoul, South Korea
New York, NY

HaeSoo Kim is a visual artist in sculpture, installation, and two-dimensional drawing. She received her MFA degree in Sculpture from Hong-ik University in South Korea. 

Jieun Kim
Seoul, South Korea
Queens, NY

SookMyung Women's University, MFA,2015, Seoul, Korea
SookMyung Women's University, BFA, 2013, Seoul, Korea


Young Min Koh
Seoul, South Korea
New York, NY

Young Min has a BA in Painting from Ewha Womans University and MFA in Printmaking from Seoul National University. She has had two solo exhibitions in USA and Korea.


Recently, Young Min has worked on portrait painting. She also has painted Korea traditional themes such as Korea traditional houses, gardens and Dalhangari (Korean Moon Jar).


Oxana Kovalchuk
Edgewater, NJ
I love to use multimedia materials such as watercolors, pastels, gouache, colored pencils and ink. It is important for me to go beyond my own limits, to see situations which I draw from an unusual perspective, and to draw attention to important issues.
Acna Lani
Philadelphia, PA
New York, NY

Growing up in the suburbs of Philadelphia, Anca Lani was interjected with various races and cultures, and began her quest in the question, “Is race really important?”  Lani’s paintings explores the importance of race through the fracturing of the reality through the use of color and juxtaposing shapes throughout the portrait’s she creates.  Her artwork has been exhibited in Future Relica, Art Unleashed, Philadelphia Open Studio Tours, Junior Projects Discourse, I Know What You Did Last Summer and Thesis.


My artwork questions the importance of racial identity. I use personal family photos from my childhood/ current photos that fills me with the feelings of distance and past, as my source material for my paintings. It is my intention to invoke a sense of uneasiness, despair, and anguish within the viewer. My art is often associated with the German expression and fauvism era due the colors, mood, and feelings in my paintings. Outside of the fine arts realm, other inspiration comes from filmography such as, Tim Burton, the Brothers Quay, and vintage 1920's silent films and German Expressionist Films.


Sarah Malekzadeh
Niagara Falls, NY
Brooklyn, NY

Sarah has a BFA in Drawing and Painting from OCAD University in Toronto, and has also studied at Ryerson University and McGill. Sarah is a painter whose work often references her mixed Iranian, Canadian and American background.

Ridhima Mukim
Delhi, India
New York, NY

I have a BFA specialised in Painting from the College of Art, Delhi. I'm a part-time Bollywood geek, love to dance and sing.. and paint, obviously. I can spend all my time eating if somebody else cooks for me.


I strongly believe in automatism and how it plays an eminent role in the creation of the overall structure and forms, that are mostly manifested in the configuration of drips, in my case. In order to identify them with meaning, I realised how more than the outcome, the art as a bodily act resulted to be cathartic.


Yam Chew Oh
New York, NY
William Patterson
Marlboro, NJ
Queens, NY

William Patterson has a BFA from SVA in Visual and Critical Studies. When not painting, he can regularly be found making comics or reading philosophy. 

I am a painter whose practice synthesizes the elements of culture I find most of interest. These include but are not limited to: pastoral idylls, early 8 and 16-bit video games, Ukiyo-e prints, Quattrocento Tuscan painting, Kafka, and Anime.  My aim is to build a visual language that recasts reality in paint -- to give my paintings their own breathing room and sense of place, their own weight and depth and color. I want them to be like the world without being beholden to it, to hover and exist without exertion or exhaustion, for themselves.

Marianna Peragallo
Sao Paulo, Brazil
New York, NY

Marianna is a New York based Brazilian-American artist making works on paper, videos, and photographs. She earned a BFA in Sculpture from University of the Arts, Philadelphia.


Marianna's recent drawing projects use representational imagery to consider agency of the body, memory, and identity. She is interested in the duality of drawing as a permanent and ephemeral medium, creating a parallel between drawing and the function of memory. Drawings on paper are delicate and can tear or be smudged with ease, yet they can also withstand hundreds of years with integrity. Similarly, memory can fade, become colored, be manipulated, etc. Ultimately the drawings aim to simultaneously solidify a moment and emphasize the transience of time and memory.

Dana Robinson
Brooklyn, NY
Brooklyn, NY

Dana Robinson is a multimedia artist from Florida who works predominantly with fiber and paint. She has shown in at Display, Gallery : /protocol/, and Treat Gallery. Upon graduating with a BFA from Florida State University, Robinson worked at Elsewhere Artist Collaborative, lived in Baltimore where she began her brand Hot Dog Paradise and moved to Gainesville where she worked to curate art shows and provide resources for artists. She is currently branching out into more digital platforms, and selling her leather goods as Hot Dog Paradise in Williamsburg.


Through Robinson illustrates the ability to be youthful regardless of age and the endless freedom that is embroiled in that prospect. Her ability to combine and recombine the everyday objects that blend into the background of our lives allows the intended purpose of these them to be broken, realigned and set into new meanings. By allowing the original structures of her materials to fragment into draping folds, fibers and lines, the surface of these pieces are given the ability to come alive with interweaving patterns and the intimacy of home and self. 


Arantxa X. Rodríguez
Mexico City
New York, NY

Before coming to SVA her practice had been self-taught but constant.


Arantxa´s work so far is formed by fractals. Perceived from afar we can see mandalic stars ... while closely are an endless number of small geometric formations, which form a whole. It is a graphic description that represents the fact that we are all one. For this reason, she calls her work "FRACTAL POP." An art that shapes and releases from the depths of her being, with only one goal: to evolve as a human being and inspire.


Jiayun Shi
Chongqing, China
Brooklyn, NY

Shi graduated from the Sichuan Fine Art Institute.


I’m trying my best to deal with the relationships existing in each painting itself by using these abstract painting languages. Each traces, each colors and each lines need to be constantly, and sometimes could be toughly, judged during the whole creative process, thus, to achieve the ultimately accuracy of my perception.


Ahree Song
Seoul, South Korea
Queens, NY

Ahree Song is a South Korean sculptor with focus on installations and projections. She received her bachelor’s and Master’s degree in sculpting from Seoul National University. Since 2009, her works have been exhibited at various art museums and galleries, including the Seoul National University’s president’s office, the Kim Chong Yung Museum and the Sejong Center for the Performing Arts. She has been creating work that studies the characteristics of changes in consciousness or materials by pausing a certain moment. 


I have been creating work that studies the characteristics of changes in consciousness or materials by pausing a certain moment. It can be observed in our surroundings from various perspectives. For example, taxidermy represents a moment of a real animal’s life as if they are alive. Since it has, however, lost its liveness as an animal, it is a preservation and simultaneously an incomplete reproduction, revealing double meaning. It is an outcome that shows both incompleteness of the idea of a moment and its contradictions; it is a desire to convert incompleteness into a complete status.


Shannon Stovall
San Diego, CA
New York, NY

Shannon has a BFA in Painting from the San Francisco Art Institute. She thinks the perfect gift is a cup of coffee or a bar of dark chocolate. She's doesn't eat mammals and Christina Aguilera's Stripped was her most played album from the ages of 12-15 (maybe longer). 


Shannon Stovall is interested in exploring our projected ideal personas and their deeply rooted history in the performance of gender, sexuality, and the societal norms that control them. She would describe her style as narrative realism, with a touch of the surreal. Lately, she has been interested in the conversation between inanimate objects and the animate body. 

Zachary Thompson
Colorado Springs, CO
Brooklyn, NY

Zac most recently lived and worked in Los Angeles before relocating to NYC to pursue his MFA. He has a BFA in drawing from the University of Florida. In his free time he can often be found inside museums or attending drag shows. 



Primarily working with found photographs, collaged houses, and charcoal on paper, Zac Thompson invents queer new worlds, often using the history of photography as a renewable resource for his creative practice. His work is a reimagining of historical artifacts, taking what he needs from a hegemonic culture to construct his own lineage, family, and history.

Collette Tompkins
New Jersey
Brooklyn, NY
Wushuang Tong
Chengdu, China
New York, NY

Wushuang is an interdisciplinary artist who has a BA degree in literature from Wuhan University and a BFA degree in Fine Arts from School of the Art Institute of Chicago. She holds the persistent belief of the firm connection between literature and fine arts.  She is also a cellist. Studying music for sixteen years vests rhythm with all her paintings, sculptures and ceramics. 

Three passions have governed my creation: the devotion to literature because of the immersive experience of reading, the perception of music because of searching the parallel soul of mine, and unquenchable pity for the humankind because of the awareness of their suffering. The three passions are enough to draw me out of my silent exile. The first gives me the consistent enthusiasm to discover the world’s abundance; the second grants me the ability to receive the most delicate quivering of spirit; the last affords me the indestructible courage to hear the pain all around me and seek to heal the wound.

Megan E. Wirick
Newville, PA
New York, NY

Megan’s work consists of large-scaled oil paintings and small intricate watercolors that explore femininity and queer sexuality. Paint, like sexuality is fluid and has so many possibilities that a person is required to have an open mind to be accompanied by the sensations that are provided.

LeeHo Yoo
Seoul, South Korea
New York, NY
Heming Zhang
Chengdu, China
New York, NY

I have my BS in applied chemistry from the Beijing University of Chemistry Technology. Before that, I had done many experiments in my loft lab since junior high. I started my work formally in the sophomore year, after making piles of which I called “material collage.” Relics are always the source of my inspirations and materials. It not only gives me a quiet place to think alone, but also reminds me of the time and space I stay in and used to be.


I am re-thinking my complex of natural materials, sometimes, preference will take control of the authority during compositing. Recently I have focused on the spots or positions that the observer stands during a process. The question does not go straightly, it turns out as different specific questions in different situations. Interactive projects, installations, time-based works are my main media in this pace, but questions go back from nature to myself, which retrospect to time, personal space and memory.


Zitong Zhu
Kunshan, China
New York, NY