Hehsuan Hsieh
Class of 2012
I will be back in a while 2011, mixed media, 39 x 39cm
I will be back in a while
2011, mixed media, 39 x 39cm
My work is about uncertainty. It creates a door to a kind of ethos of the spirit which draws viewers into a reverie state. The art of reverie is an art of the anima. Gaston Bachelard said, "Reverie is not a mind vacuum. It is rather the gift of an hour which knows the plenitude of the soul." My art is like an enigmatic uncertainty world. My works are between painting and object; spiritual and visceral. Also, they are the junctures of pseudo and reality; unblock and block (or semi-block); reveal and ambiguity; Western and Eastern culture. At the same time, these objects gradually bring explorers into a more profound consciousness-level. The quiet entities are odd stimulants providing ineffable sensitive junctions. In this series, viewers can experience and bond with intangibles such as urban chaos and multiculturalism. Also, they can collide with these microcosms and produce sparkles. Ultimately, the accomplished myriad multi-uncertainty brings me a boundless freedom.
Hehsuan Hsieh, class of 2012

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