Jee Hee Kang
Class of 2014
Fire Exit 2011, oil, black gesso and charcoal on fabric, 111” x 80”
Fire Exit
2011, oil, black gesso and charcoal on fabric, 111” x 80”
Seoul, South Korea New York City

Jee Hee Kang was born in Seoul, South Korea in 1984. She received her BA in Fashion Design from Dong Duk Women?s University in Seoul, Korea and is currently an MFA candidate at the School of Visual Arts. She lives and works in New York City.

<p>My works express the mutability and permanence of objects I encounter in my daily life. I trace the history of an object and its resonating emotions from the object's absence by using diverse methods including frottage and casting. </p> <p>Frottage led my work to be broken free from the two dimensional canvas. I wanted to fully deconstruct the Euclidian perspective, simultaneously expressing the three-dimensional physical world as well as the two-dimensional canvas through adopting the frottage skill. The information of the three-dimensional object and the painting against the real dimensions are overlapped but exist in a distorted form through the conflict with the two-dimensional medium. The finite, variable and extinguishable nature of the physical world is thereby conveyed.</p> <p>My recent concrete casting works from found paintings are visual extensions of these ideas. I poured water mixed cement over the found paintings and removed the paintings from the concrete after it dried. The brush strokes and the paints left on the surface of the concrete enable the viewer to imagine how the original paintings looked like. These casted concretes from the paintings naturally embrace a discourse on the history of a traditional painting as well as its life and preservation. </p>
Jee Hee Kang, class of 2014

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