Christina J. Wang
Cakeburger 2011, oil and charcoal on paper, 12.5"x 12.5"
2011, oil and charcoal on paper, 12.5"x 12.5"
I am obsessed with objects, beautiful, pleasurable and unexpected things. Food, fashion and flowers are my art muses. I am fascinated by their formal qualities and the deeply personal, emotional hold they have over every crevice of my mind. Through line, color and paint, I strive to make a successful painting. I fetishize oil painting materials. I can go on and on about its history, its specific smells, its buttery texture, its transformative quality, the drum-like texture of a freshly primed linen canvas, the perfect corner fold? . Process and the act of seeing are very important to me. It is not about what I want, but realizing what the painting needs. The end result should make me want to hug myself to bed every night.
Christina J. Wang, class of 2012

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The MFA Fine Arts program attracts ambitious emerging artists from many countries and backgrounds. In their commitment to art, and to one another, they provide a foundation for artistic growth that extends beyond graduation and forms an ongoing platform of professional support.